Things that stood out this year.

Most Adopted Feature

Awarded to the feature with the largest year-over-year ”have used” progression.

With a +18.6% progression in 2020, this was the year CSS Grid crossed over from new technology to established tool.

Runner Ups

2. object-fit: +17.8%
3. Variables: +15.2%

Most Adopted Technology

Awarded to the technology with the largest year-over-year “would use again” progression.

No other tool comes even close to Tailwind CSS's dramatic +17.8% progression over the last year.

Runner Ups

3. CSS Modules: +10.1%

Highest Satisfaction

Awarded to the technology with the highest percentage of satisfied users.

PostCSS's 91.4% satisfaction ratio shows that you can't beat doing one thing really, really well.

Runner Ups

2. CSS Modules: 86.8%
3. Tailwind CSS: 86.6%

Highest Interest

Awarded to the technology developers are most interested in learning once they are aware of it.

With a 75.1% ratio, CSS Modules have generated the most interest among CSS developers this year.

Runner Ups

2. Tailwind CSS: 62%

Most Write-Ins

Awarded to the item with the most write-in answers

Many questions also accepted write-in answers, and with 200 mentions PhpStorm was the most popular item overall.

Runner Ups

2. Udemy: 159